Nancy WrightNancy Wright, “Putting Down Roots” — Direct Hit Records
Nancy Wright, “Moanin'” — Chicken Coup/Summit

B.B. King, “Blues Summit” — MCA Records (Best Traditional Blues Album – 34th Annual GRAMMY Awards)
Charlie Owen, “Worth the Wait” — Self-Release
Craig Caffal, “Got it Covered” — Mad Music LLC
Darlene Langston, “Blue Prelude” — Olenomuzic
The Delmars, “Surf Monkey” — Subsistence Records
Dempsey Dave, “Dark Angel” — Snowbird Creek Music
Dempsey Dave, “Loco Gringo” — Snowbird Creek Music
Dempsey Dave, “Last Chance Cafe” — Snowbird Creek Music
Delta Wires, “Anthology” — DW Records
Delta Wires, “Delta Wires” — DW Records
Elvin Bishop, “Big Fun” — Alligator Records
Frank Bey, “Soul for Your Blues” — Blue Dot Records
Frank Bey, “You Don’t Know Nothing” — Blue Dot Records
Houston Jones, “Minotaur” — Summerhill Records
Jackie Ivory, “Laying in the Cut” — Honeycomb Records
Jerry Shelfer, “Slipaway” — Heyday Records
Joe Louis Walker, “Blue Soul” — Hi-Tone Records
Johnny “V” Vernazza, “Feel Like Going Home” — At the Beach Records
Jules Leyhe, “Heavy Scuffle” — Self-Release
Kaye Bohler, “Like a Flower” — Self-Release
Katie Webster, “I Know That’s Right” — Arhoolie Records
Kenny “Blue” Ray, “Way Down in Memphis” — Tone King Records
Lady Bianca, “Real People Real Music” — Magic-O Records
Little Charlie & The Nightcats, “All the Way Crazy” — Alligator Records
Macy Blackman, “Don’t You Just Know It” — Mamaru Records
Macy Blackman, “I Didn’t Want to Do It” — Mamaru Records
Mark Hummel, “Playing in Your Town” — Rockinitis Records
Mark Hummel, “Harmonica Party” — Mountain Top Productions
Mighty Mike Schermer, “Right Hand Man, Vol 1” — Fine Dog Records
Mighty Mike Schermer, “Live Set” — Fine Dog Records
Mighty Mike Schermer, “Be Somebody” — Fine Dog Records
Michael Osborn, “A Case for the Blues” — Blue Rock-it Records
Myron Edwins, “Myron Edwins” — One Four Records
Paris Slim, “Blues For Esther” — Blue Sting Records
Perry and the Pumpers, “Movin’ at Midnight” — Sweetgrass Music
Rick McCracken, “Smokin Medicine Show” — Ryder Roo Records
Ron Hacker, “No Pretty Songs” — Hacksaw Records
Ron Hacker, “Live in North Beach” — Hacksaw Records
Ron Hacker, “Barstool Blues” — Hacksaw Records
S.E. Willis, “Taproot” — Mr. Suchensuch Records
S.E. Willis, “Cold Hand in Mine” — Mr. Suchensuch Records
S. E. Willis, “Turtle Dove Bounce/Live at the Poorhouse” — Mr. Suchensuch Records
Sleepy Joe Lee, “Free Air” — AaRd Records
Stan Erhart, “Missing You” — Hack Bondo Records
Usual Suspects (Bobby Reed), “Reunions” — Suspex Records
Yoshinobu Takeda, ” . . . a boy from Lion Street” — Zeauxmusic

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