Golden Gate Blues Society 2015

“Short Takes” CD Reviews
By Joseph Jordan, Senior Writer
The Golden Gate Blues Society
April 2015

Nancy Wright
“Putting Down Roots”

Tenor saxophonist and vocalist Nancy Wright has been a major player within the Bay Area blues scene for many years, and in her sophomore effort, “Putting Down Roots,” she just shines.

The Greater Bay Area, indeed the West Coast, couldn’t be more blessed in having this superlative musician play here. She’s been a “go-to” gal for nationally known touring acts as well as the cream of the crop of West Coast musicians. And once again, her new solo recording work sees the light of her glorious day.

Wright effortlessly provides astonishingly strong work throughout this much more bluesy and roots oriented (‘natch) CD than in her previous jazz-oriented recording, “Moanin’.”

Wright can do most anything she wants… She’s a marvelous songwriter, a stunning sax player, a serene vocalist, and a par excellence record producer. And on her latest, she plays with the very cream of the crop of sensational Bay Area-based players.

With twelve-tracks over 55-minutes of marvelous music, “Putting Down Roots” should be a strong candidate for indy Album of the Year.

Direct Hit Records – 2014

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