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NANCY WRIGHT w/ The TONY MONACO TRIO… Look out for Nancy Wright – an “old school”, big toned tenor sax player – on the rising Chicken Coup Records. With a big-toned, yet melodic approach, Wright delivers on “Moanin'” (Chicken Coup 7013) in the manner of an Ammons, Jackson, and/or Person delivered in the ’60s.

The history of jazz saxophonists who cut their teeth in blues and R&B bands is rich. Unlike the legendary jazz-names, Nancy Wright didn’t set out to play jazz. The Dayton, Ohio-born, San Francisco-based saxophonist was perfectly content lending her big tenor tones to blues bands, and over the past quarter century she played with some of the best. Her discography boasts recordings with Katie Webster, B. B. King, Elvin Bishop, and Joe Louis Walker, among others. From a blues-rock band that provided the venue to jam with the likes of the Vaughan and Hooker, Wright made her way into jazz. Hooker was so impressed by her muscular tenor attack that he took her on tour. One of their first engagements together was at Carnegie Hall.

“I was warming up in a broom closet, and Ornette Coleman opened the door to see who it was,” she recalls about the Carnegie concert.

“Moanin,” produced and played on by the media proclaimed “organ marvel”, Tony Monaco, boasts huge sax sound and delivers big-time with the organ and trio power behind!

“She’s a feisty, fiery woman,” Monaco says of Wright. “I find her enthusiasm most appealing, and it comes out through the expressions in her horn playing. She’s got the heart, and she’s got some nice soul coming out of her.”

Big-toned, melodic jazz tenor players don’t come down the pike much anymore. Nancy Wright may have taken her time getting there, but the arrival on the current jazz scene of such a commanding old-school stylist is an especially refreshing development.

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